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Calm Sea


Boadi Therapy Services offers a safe confidential and non-judgemental space for clients to explore their issues and find their inner voice. I aim to provide a professional and caring service that takes into account the individual's cultural and political landscape.

All therapists working with Boadi Therapy Services are accredited or registered members of BACP(British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) or NCS.( National counselling Society)

Founder: Gloria Boadi 

Listening to people and their stories and trying to alleviate mental pain has been a part of my life ever since I could remember. My mother was a nurse and my dad was a psychiatric nurse. From the time that I was at school, people tended to confide in me and always commented on my warm smile and calming manner. I volunteered as a befriender in South East London and Essex visiting people suffering from schizophrenia. I decided that I wanted to become a therapist as a way to help this marginalised and often stigmatised group in society, especially the overmedication and misdiagnoses of black males in the 80s.  Thus, it was with this view in mind that I went on to study psychology. 


However, life has a way of placing obstacles in one's path and my journey took a diversion. I was told that I was too young to become a counsellor/psychotherapist after my degree. My course of life changed when I saw a job as a housing officer and decided to pursue a career in housing. I encountered many of the patients that I was visiting in the hospitals on the estates and in the houses that I managed. I was also working as a support and assessment officer with a London charity working with vulnerable families. It was as part of this work that the importance of patterns of behaviour especially attachment and the impact on individuals and consequently families were highlighted to me. I encountered, again and again, the constant mental pain induced by societal pressures and parental neglect. I decided that I could be of most benefit in helping the individual on a one-to-one basis as a therapist.

Since qualifying in 2011, I have worked in the NHS with children in primary and secondary schools, in the probation service with youth offenders, and GP surgeries, and in 2015 decided to open my private practice. I have since collaborated with various colleagues to expand my service to work with social services, workshops at schools, groups and churches, and EAPs. I am proud to have worked in collaboration with a London theatre group on anger management. I have been involved in facilitating workshops on Challenging Racism using the work of Dr Isha Mckenzie-Mavinga. I am also a clinal supervisor.

I work with several colleagues to provide the full service at Boadi Therapy Services.


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