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Services Offered

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We work with a wide range of emotional, behavioural and relational issues incorporating contemporary best practices to provide emotional support, build on peoples strengths and resilience. We aim to understand peoples personal coping styles and make positive changes by communication effectively and building emotional connections. We will work with difference in a positive manner. We aim to challenge individuals so the process may not always be a comfortable one but always at the heart of our service is one of respect and care.

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Counselling and psychotherapy are often interchangeable. However, psychotherapy is generally seen as long term therapy that focuses on obtaining deeper insight into emotional issues and looks at the background of the problem. It helps with psychological problems that have been built up over a lifetime. It provides the individual with space to examine feelings, actions and thoughts with the aim of being able to manage these more effectively.

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By applying best practice and techniques gained from a solid theoretical grounding we aim to explore behaviours and relationship patterns that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling life and relationship.

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Supervision with us is a reflective, open and nonjudgmental space which allows individuals to reconsider what happened in an interaction with a client or in a group dynamic, if in a work place.

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Our staff have a vast experience of producing expert reports on the impact of peoples psychological issues on their lives and recommendations to immigration panels and employers. Our therapists are educated to Masters Level. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual requirement.


  • Relating positively with your children

  • Mothers and their boys

  • Anger Management.10 Week Therapeutic Group Workshop

  • Spirituality and Counselling

  • Youth Counselling

  • Introduction to counselling skills

  • Exploring Internalised racism through mindfulness.

  • Managing Anxiety. CBT. 10 Week Group Therapy.

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